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Personal Development and Infinite Banking with Brandon Jenkins

Personal Development and Infinite Banking with Brandon Jenkins

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Episode 187: Brandon Jenkins Join host David Pere, and co-host Alex Felice with their guest Brandon Jenkins, as they talk about insurance, infinite banking, finance, personal development coaching, and so much more! About Brandon Jenkins Brandon grew up in Cumberland, MD, and attended the United States Naval Academy, graduating from there with a B.S. in Economics in 2003 and going on to serve as a helicopter pilot in the Navy. He’s been blessed to have an incredible wife, Julie, and two amazing children, Levi and Lily. He discovered the Infinite Banking Concept through Nelson Nash’s book in 2014 while searching for a better way to build and store wealth outside the volatile stock market. He has been practicing the concept ever since. Along the way, Brandon also discovered his passion for helping others learn about alternative options to building and protecting wealth rather than risking it all in the stock market and hoping that things ultimately work out. It is because of this passion he has adopted a new found dedication towards learning, the clarity of his core principles, and guided by the firm understanding of humility, the importance of team, and a daily growth mindset. Timestamps: 00:04:34 - Infinite Banking 00:07:28 - For captioned video 00:09:04 - Infinite Banking is another strategy, not for everyone 00:13:20 - Growth Mechanism of Infinite banking 00:20:49 - Infinite Banking drawing some criticism 00:30:30 - The Importance of a Personal Development Coach Brandon’s Social Media Accounts: LinkedIn Instagram @tieronelifeinsurance Email Websites Sponsor: Apply for the War Room Mastermind group today: - Real Estate Investing Course: Off-Market Real Estate Course: Recommended books and tools: Become an investor: - SUBSCRIBE: - Website: Instagram: Facebook: - My name is David Pere, I am an active duty Marine, and have realized that service members and the working class use the phrase "I don't get paid enough" entirely too often. The reality is that most often our financial situation is self-inflicted. After having success with real estate investing, I started From Military to Millionaire to teach personal finance and real estate investing to service members and the working class. As a result, I have helped many of my readers increase their savings gap, and increase their chances of achieving financial freedom! - Click here to SUBSCRIBE: to the channel for more awesome videos! THIS SITE IS INDEPENDENTLY OWNED AND OPERATED. ALL OPINIONS EXPRESSED HEREIN ARE MY OWN. THE VIEWS EXPRESSED ON THIS SITE ARE THOSE OF THE AUTHOR OR THE AUTHOR’S INVITED GUEST POSTERS, AND MAY NOT REFLECT THE VIEWS OF THE US GOVERNMENT, THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, OR THE UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS.

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Personal Development and Infinite Banking with Brandon Jenkins

Personal Development and Infinite Banking with Brandon Jenkins

David Pere