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Persons of Interest | 10

Persons of Interest | 10

Update: 2019-08-1283


In this episode, we hear two separate accounts identifying new persons of interest. One woman saw two men leaving Christians apartment the afternoon of the day he died, and this account is emphasized by a man who was given information implicating two men’s involvement, one of which was the same man seen leaving the apartment.

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Comments (15)

Marisela Barajas

the crime scene is clearly NOT a suicide so there is no reason for them to have gotten it wrong. either law enforcement new something or they just didn't want to deal with a murder.

Oct 15th

Jeri Olear

great story ,keep up the good work

Sep 6th


I wonder if some of the deck hands on his boat were moving drugs, and he found out, and that's why he was murdered (I honestly believe he was murdered)

Aug 28th
Reply (1)

deborah cassidy

Unfortunately I think he was murdered but it will be so difficult to prove. No one in authority seems to give a damn.

Aug 14th


the last Q & A when he read from Tim's notes between him and Dylan.. Dylan stated Whitley was asleep on the couch when he walked upstairs and found christian.. i thought he originally said she was asleep in the bedroom?

Aug 14th
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Misty Golden

I think there is more drug activity involved & an informant among the mix of young folks. That is why there is so much weirdness with the police.

Aug 14th
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ebony e

I think maybe they lured him home, held him hostage trying to get money out of his bank account and then they shot him when they couldn't get it.

Aug 14th

Trisha Carter

Even if they to discredit her, this information will come out eventually. Rea is stronger than anyone that's involved.

Aug 13th
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Apple Betty

It is NOT unusual or crazy for a mom wanting to check up on her son or his property while he's gone, especially if she suspects something going on. It's called a mom's instinct.

Aug 13th
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Persons of Interest | 10

Persons of Interest | 10

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