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Persons of Interest | 3

Persons of Interest | 3

Update: 2021-09-0745


The investigators weave the evidence into a tapestry of potential suspects. It could be anyone from a friend from Arpana’s motorcycle club to her next door neighbor.

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Comments (2)

Danielle Beeaff

In addition, Neil’s response to the question about her murder, how he feels about it, was extremely self-centered. He never mentioned how he’d like to see justice for her murder. It was all about him and nothing about her! He appears to be an absolute narcissistic human being to me.

Sep 30th

Danielle Beeaff

First of all, Neil is a narcissist and I doubt he could admit that women don’t like him. I cannot see how she would’ve found Neil attractive. It does not sound like her type at all, to me. What Neil said about her wanting to be with him is absolutely unbelievable to me. I truly hope the investigators are looking into the possibility that both Cameron and Neil may have had something to do with her death. They may have both played a part in her attack. They may have kicked in the door to make it look like somebody else broke in, stageing the scene.

Sep 30th
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Persons of Interest | 3

Persons of Interest | 3