DiscoverFinding MasteryPete Carroll on The Art of Coaching (Live)
Pete Carroll on The Art of Coaching (Live)

Pete Carroll on The Art of Coaching (Live)

Update: 2019-10-096


This week’s conversation comes from the Finding Mastery Live that we recently hosted in Seattle with Seattle Seahawks head coach, Pete Carroll.

In 2009, a mutual friend put Coach Carroll and I together for dinner and instantly, I knew it was right.

We were talking about ancient principles, we were talking about modern science, we were talking about really collectively, how do you help people pursue their potential?

It was stimulating and we knew much of the same research. We're interested in some of the ancient traditions the same way.

We discussed giving back: How do we give to the next generation?

At the end of the conversation he said, "Hey, why don't you come up and see what we're doing at the Seahawks?" And I thought, "Yeah, I'd love to see what you're doing."

It's everything that I had hoped for.

The environment was electric, people were switched on, and they were reporting on day one that it was just different than anywhere else they've ever been.

Here we are, 10 years later.

I've spent about eight years with the Seattle Seahawks now and I couldn't be more excited to introduce Coach Carroll as a friend, as the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks and a business partner in Compete to Create.


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Pete Carroll on The Art of Coaching (Live)

Pete Carroll on The Art of Coaching (Live)