DiscoverDepresh Mode with John MoePeter Sagal Has These New People In His House
Peter Sagal Has These New People In His House

Peter Sagal Has These New People In His House

Update: 2021-05-03


Peter Sagal always sounds chipper and fun on the hit NPR quiz show Wait Wait Don't Tell Me but that's always been just one part of his personality. In recent years, Sagal went through a divorce that resulted in his three daughters cutting off all contact with him. He spent some time coming to grips with some depression issues that he had been experiencing and largely walking away from most of his life

Peter was also up against the portrayal of the dad who loses everything in movies and television, where said dad somehow proves to be a hero and wins back the hearts of everyone who left him. Because in Peter's case, that's not how it worked. His daughters still don't speak to him.

But now some other people do. He remarried and recently became the father to a baby boy named Elliott ("two Ls, two Ts, don't get it wrong, I have," he says). It's been a hard road in recent years but Peter's learned a lot about walking through it and he likes where he ended up.

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Peter Sagal Has These New People In His House

Peter Sagal Has These New People In His House

Peter Sagal, Laura Swisher, Jesse Thorn