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Pipeline Over Everything with Jed Mahrle

Pipeline Over Everything with Jed Mahrle

Update: 2022-08-08


This episode of the Live Better Seller Better Podcast features Jed Mahrle, Head of Outbound Sales at Mailshake. Too much prospecting advice out there today say the same thing: “use this line” or “use this number” without it actually being relevant to the prospect you are targeting.

Jed talks about prospecting in the modern day. He shares deep insight on how to become more relevant and memorable to your clients. He also discusses implementing effective systems and building out the whole process for success.



  • Common mistakes when generating pipeline
  • Using your prospects' language in your messaging
  • Relevance VS personalization
  • Looking at inbound data to help outbound processes



Jed on a powerful practice you can do when prospecting: "Take time to really study your ICPs. Study the deals that have come inbound. Study your customers and really break it down and figure out who you're having the best conversations with and what are their pain points?"

Jed on becoming relevant without focusing on personalization: "We spend a lot more time in the front end breaking it down by buying triggers. So that's what relevance means to me is that we spend more time in the front end, breaking up our lists, target accounts, and buying triggers, and loading them into sequences and campaigns

Jed recalls a noteworthy tip from his manager: "When I first started as an SDR, my manager told me every inbound lead was an outbound lead yesterday."


You can find out more about Jed in the links below:


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Pipeline Over Everything with Jed Mahrle

Pipeline Over Everything with Jed Mahrle

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