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Pivot to Win with Jordan Babineaux

Pivot to Win with Jordan Babineaux

Update: 2021-07-28


Pivot may have been the 2020 word of the year. For Jordan Babineaux, though, it is about changing directions and looking for new opportunities. Jordan is a former NFL player turned sports broadcaster, entrepreneur, and author of Pivot to Win. He discusses choices and the simple concept of just asking for what we want. Although you may not get what you asked for, you get the opportunity to grow and go through adversity with confidence. He also draws parallels between the teams we lead and professional football teams. Leaders need to be specific in their communication and set clear expectations.

In this episode, Jordan talks to Kevin about:

  1. Fixed vs. growth mindset.
  2. Cultivating persistence.
  3. Coaching lessons from coaches.

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Pivot to Win with Jordan Babineaux

Pivot to Win with Jordan Babineaux