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Planning The Perfect Government

Planning The Perfect Government

Update: 2021-12-07


How do you plan the perfect government? Dr. Jacob says, "I wouldn't change anything. Let them govern themselves." In this episode of the logic and life coaching podcast, Dr. Jacob Kashiwagi explains how he would run the government versus a large business and the nuances of leading each one. He describes how things need to be done more democratically in one organization versus the other using examples like Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Learn one view on how to lead in business and government in this episode!

0:00 Introduction

0:52 Welcome

3:40 The Difference Between Government And Business

7:16 How Would You Organize Government If You Became The Leader Today?

9:56 How Would You Change An Existing Business If You Became The Leader Today?

12:25 Is Good Leadership Changing Things/Organizations?

13:14 Was Sadaam Hussein A Good Leader For Iraq?

17:57 How To Lead With A Bunch Of Different Cultures


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Planning The Perfect Government

Planning The Perfect Government

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