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Playing with Fire | 1

Playing with Fire | 1

Update: 2021-05-1720


James Monsees and Adam Bowen, two Stanford graduate students, have an idea - one they believe could save millions of lives and rid the world of smoking. The goal is personal: they’re both smokers. But even good intentions can have unintended consequences?

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Comments (4)

Casey man

I don't condone vaping but I have said since the beginning of covid. covid was here long before we realized the symptoms of vaping were awfully similar to covid. As a person who has to deduct broken stuff everyday it pays to keep it simple. You have pneumonia oh you vape its gotta be the vape open and shut case.

May 21st
Reply (2)

Dana Pellegrino

Burning tobacco isn't the problem, tobacco itself is. People chew tobacco and it's still bad for you, and there's no smoke involved in that. The only way to make tobacco healthy is to not use it.

May 18th
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Playing with Fire | 1

Playing with Fire | 1