DiscoverGangstalkers of America; a TI's lifePledge allegiance to the Flag (not the **+) of The United States of America
Pledge allegiance to the Flag (not the **+) of The United States of America

Pledge allegiance to the Flag (not the **+) of The United States of America

Update: 2021-05-18


Extremely CRUCIAL podcast putting the names locations and information about gang stalking, telco fraud, all other fraud, kidnapping, rape, murder and all the other fraudulent and illegal crimes that these gangs of terrorists are committing.

Oh don't forget Nichole (Reynoldsburg Ohio Chris Yoder, also.) and more names to come.

So they’re doing human trafficking guns drugs prostitution slavery extortion, it’s mafia if not terrorist. Smuggling, killing, kidnapping, hurting, threateningThey’re doing so much shit scares the fuck out of me. One thing that is the hardest part to understand is that there is an electromagnetic field to use an EMPs or just electromagnetic field itself to read people’s minds and also subliminal message people and to broadcast their voices out throughout the world- most places. Punta cana at our resort didnt have issues but since then they have taken over the rebuilding of Puerto Rico due to figuring this out from me going. On vacation. They are actually responsible for. The hurricanes there and the one that hit new or leans years ago. Also I would check and ensure they are not responsible for the tsunami that hit A few years ago. Natural disasters give them the ability to “set up” electricians and other incorporated businesses and for them to install the wiring and systems the way that they need in order to broadcast their subliminal messaging and to change and take control of people’s heads and lives.this this where the serval mesh comes into play.
Bodies have an electrical charge running through them, wifi, internet, satellites. Frequencies, transmission, it’s too much to type out right now and I’m not even sure I could explain it cause I don’t fully know how they are doing it, but they said they stole that from the military. Brainwashing mind control subliminal messaging they stole and say they perfected it. I’m a firm believer they just created the end of the world. They’re in the closest thing to the next world war actually there are it, they have already begun WWIII, and it’s the “gay mafia” against everyone else- the chicken shit bustards just forgot to tell anyone and just started collecting people’s personalities while replacing them with knowledge they wanted them to have, brain mapping it’s a bitch. The movie Independence Day pretty much.. Parasites they feed off you, your brain, and your memories until they hit all they want, and then leave you for dead. It’s scary.

Me telling you this there anybody at all would be a time where they Yep just like I just did was start putting threats out there against me my family you saying they’re going to hurt you kidnap you tell me kidnap me very much keep it quiet but they want to just stand here and act like they own me and control me and I’ve had their voices recorded before I fed the conversations recorded they stole an audio cassette out of my car the other day when I was going to the District Attorney’s Office they stole it out of my car and I dont know how they got keys. Last week with the iPhone and they stole it out of my house for 24hours and replaced the screen protector then stole it again after I dropped it hidden into the wall and removed and stole the SIM card. I saw her again install the SIM card. They stole the Sim card out of my luggage when my brother and I were coming back from Cabo as well.
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Pledge allegiance to the Flag (not the **+) of The United States of America

Pledge allegiance to the Flag (not the **+) of The United States of America

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