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Podcast: Now you can read it  as well as listen

Podcast: Now you can read it as well as listen

Update: 2020-09-29


This week's podcast is all about wheel-clamping, email privacy and the amazing legacy of the Sydney Olympics athletes' village.

But one of the biggest pieces of news this week is about the podcast itself or, more to the point, these show notes.

As we approach our 100th edition, and following numerous requests from readers who don't listen to podcasts, we have finally discovered a program that will use Artificial Intelligence to transcribe the audio into text.

Now, AI can only do so much with variations of Australian, Scottish and English accents, so it does require a bit of work to knock it into shape.

Then there are the interruptions, half-formed thoughts, digressions and repetitions - not to mention umms, aaahs and other verbal punctuations - that you don't realise form part of your everyday speech until you see them laid out before you on a page.

We've done our best to filter out the intrusions but I hope you get the sense of the discussions and the flavour of the podcast in this lightly tweaked and fairly raw form.

Meanwhile, for those of you who prefer to listen, here's this week's podcast, where Sue and I talk about her story on the 2000 Olympic athletes' village, now a very desirable suburb.

Then we are joined by Karen Stiles, Executive Officer of the Owners Corporation Network, to discuss the push to keep apartment owners' email addresses secret, and demands for a return of wheel clamping for rogue parkers.

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Transcript: This podcast in print

 Jimmy: Hard to believe it's been 20 years since the Sydney Olympics.

Sue  Oh, wow. It sure is. I mean, it's interesting when we're getting this documentary now about Cathy Freeman.   Lots of posts about it. Eric the Eel? Yes. And um,   the memories come flooding back. But it does feel only about a couple years ago.   

 Jimmy: Then you realize there’s been three or four other Olympics since then. But I was reminded, funnily enough, and these days of COVID going to the station to get in a train and finding that a certain time of night when it's going to be busy, the make you go round in a one way system through in and out the stations when people aren't bumping into each other facing each other.

And that reminded me of at the Olympic Stadium, where they had a one way system for people to walk around. And you could see the gate that you wanted to get into about about 20 yards away. But you had to walk another half a mile around the system to get to that gate, but it worked.   It worked tremendously well.

So you're going to be talking in a minute about what happened to the buildings that they built for the athletes.   The Olympic Village. And we're going to be talking to  Karen: Stiles of OCN about email addresses and clamping illegally parked cars. I'm  Jimmy: Thomson.

 Sue: And I'm  Sue Williams.

 Jimmy: And this is the Flat Chat Wrap.

Olympic village now sought-after suburb

Jimmy:  Sue, you've done a story this week about the accommodation that was built for the Sydney Olympics.

Sue:  Yes, I went out to Newington this week, for the first time ever. It was during the Olympics, I covered the Olympics, for the Sydney Morning Herald the Melbourne age out of Sydney Olympic Park and the big media center. But we were never allowed to go to the athletes village because obvi...








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Podcast: Now you can read it  as well as listen

Podcast: Now you can read it as well as listen

Jimmy Thomson & Sue Williams