DiscoverFLAT CHAT WRAPPodcast 94: Tax shock and giving loans some credit
Podcast 94: Tax shock and giving loans some credit

Podcast 94: Tax shock and giving loans some credit

Update: 2020-10-06


It’s a bit of a Budget special on Flat Chat this week, if only because we are talking about money.

Specifically we are discussing the personal taxes that you probably didn’t even know you are supposed to pay when your strata scheme starts making a profit. 

And we'll discuss where to get dough when your strata schemes needs a lot of it in a hurry.

To which end, we have a chat with Paul Morton, CEO of our long-time sponsors Lannock Finance.

Along the way we’ll touch on

* why the Australian Tax Office would rather treat you as an individual than a member of a corporation* how it can cost more in real terms to pay cash up front rather than get a loan* why footballers aren't working as hard as they once did* what happens when the instructor knows your name in the gym and * how potential purchasers are viewing properties in these viral days.

You can hear all that by clicking on the play button below. 

Listening is by far the best way to enjoy the pod, but if you aren’t a podder, you can read the transcript of this episode a little further down this page.

However, be warned, it was transcribed by a computer in America – “strata loan” becomes “straddle on” – then edited by an irritable Scot .

We caught most of what was lost in translation, but grammar is one of the first things to go in informal chats, quickly followed by logical progression. 

Even so, somehow it  all comes together. Enjoy!

Transcribed: Flat Chat 94

Money, Money Money

Jimmy  00:00

This week we're talking about money

Sue  00:02

Good subject.

Jimmy  00:04

Well, talking about it doesn't mean we have it. That's wishful thinking.  Specifically it’s mainly about tax and a column I wrote for the Fin Review this weekend, which I think is going to cause a bit of a stir.


Oh, how unusual that you're being controversial.  


No, I just can't help myself. People say I’m a troublemaker. I like to think of myself as a problem solver.

Sue  00:31

Or disrupter, I suppose suddenly becomes more respectable.


But you know, a problem solver,  to the person who is the problem, is a troublemaker. It's all relative.

And we will be talking to Paul Morton of Lannock Finance, about some of the ins and outs of borrowing money, because we had those stories about the building that borrowed money to do the upgrade.

I'm Jimmy Thomson.


I'm Sue Williams


And this is the Flat Chat Wrap.

Donald the Dodger

Jimmy  01:15

It's very hard to make tax interesting. I've discovered.

Sue  01:19

It is, unless it's a tax rebate,

Jimmy  01:22

Or unless you're telling people they are about to get taxed for something you didn't even know you were liable for

Sue  01:30

Tax is actually a bit more sexy at the moment, isn't it? Because I think we've all been fascinated by the stories about Donald Tr...








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Podcast 94: Tax shock and giving loans some credit

Podcast 94: Tax shock and giving loans some credit

Jimmy Thomson & Sue Williams