DiscoverStraight From the Source - a podcast by APSUPodcast Ep.6- Kaylah- From victim to survivor
Podcast Ep.6- Kaylah- From victim to survivor

Podcast Ep.6- Kaylah- From victim to survivor

Update: 2019-02-12


In this episode of 'Straight From the Source' we speak to Kaylah about her harrowing experience of family violence and addiction, being involved with child protection and the family drug treatment court and turning it all around it to help others.
This episode illuminates the complexity surrounding these interrelating areas and is deeply emotive.

‘Straight from the Source’ looks at a range of different issues relevant to those impacted by drug and alcohol use from varying perspectives and talks real, honest stories, straight from the source.

Through the podcast we hope to increase community awareness, challenge stigma, stereotypes and open up the space for multiple perspectives around substance use, self-growth and recovery. These stories assist individuals and communities to feel heard and less alone. They also incite discussion around Australian Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) systems and the challenges within them.

We will have more guests and more stories coming to you monthly.

Straight from The Source is the voice of the Association of Participating Service Users (APSU), a service of the Self-Help Addiction Resource Centre (SHARC). APSU is a Victorian consumer representative body, which believes that the needs, strengths and expertise of people who use drugs and alcohol should drive the system and their voices should be heard.

Podcast episodes and further information on APSU is accessible through APSU online, APSU Facebook and through ITunes and other Podcast apps.

Just a reminder that the views expressed by our guests are not necessarily reflective of those of APSU and SHARC.

*Warning- the podcast discusses challenging topics, which may be triggering for some individuals. This episode contains graphic depictions of family violence. If listening to the podcasts brought up any issues for you and you would like to speak to someone, In Australia you can call Directline 24/7 for drug and alcohol help on: 1800 888 236 You can call 1800 Respect on: 1800 737 732 for family violence support.

Podcast Music is from Jimmy Loops and can be found through Facebook at Big Jimmy Loops or YouTube at Mr Jimmy Loops








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Podcast Ep.6- Kaylah- From victim to survivor

Podcast Ep.6- Kaylah- From victim to survivor