DiscoverWe Make Success Happen with Matt CallananPop Tart - Nathan Wyburn | Episode 32
Pop Tart - Nathan Wyburn | Episode 32

Pop Tart - Nathan Wyburn | Episode 32

Update: 2021-01-23


Nathan Wyburn is a Welsh Fine Art graduate who specialises mostly in creating iconic celebrity portraits and ‘pop culture’ imagery with non traditional mediums such as food and other everyday items.

Listen to Nathan as he talks about:

* Getting to the semi final of Britain’s Got Talent and performing in front of 15 million people.

* The celebrities he’s created portraits of and actually met. (There’s a lot!)

* How got started using non traditional mediums with his art

* How he gets creativity inspired and how he gets over creative block

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Pop Tart - Nathan Wyburn | Episode 32

Pop Tart - Nathan Wyburn | Episode 32

Matt Callanan