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Pop-Up Submissions

Pop-Up Submissions

Update: 2023-02-19


Join literary agent Peter Cox and his guests from the publishing business for POP-UP SUBMISSIONS, the net’s first live manuscript submission event!

Each week we look at five submissions. Then it’s up to Peter and his guests – and the geniuses in the Pop-Up Genius Room – to deliver their verdict! Each monthly winner goes forward to a quarterly knock-out: the winner is fast-tracked to a leading publisher for serious publishing consideration.


Join us live in the YouTube chat room every Sunday at 5pm UK / 12noon EST


Today’s submissions are: 

  • Adam, the Games Begin - commercial fiction by Thomas Williams;

  • Starcatcher - YA historical fantasy by Emma Nobbs;

  • It Stared Without Eyes - fantasy mystery by Lena Christina van der Vrande;

  • Pam Dickens Keeps Christmas All The Year - commercial women's fiction by Sarah Tipper;

  • The Great Escape of April Gall - commercial fiction by Clare Starling.


    Starring on this week's panel… creator of detective-story-obsessed android Cadence Turing ROBIN JEFFREY! Together with Litopia's very own ALI GARDINER!


    Check out Robin Jeffrey's website: RobinJeffreyAuthor.Com

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Pop-Up Submissions

Pop-Up Submissions

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