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Portfolio Solutions with Seamus Young, CFA

Portfolio Solutions with Seamus Young, CFA

Update: 2021-12-15


In this episode, Chris speaks with Seamus Young, CFA, a Senior Investment Director in the Global Investment Strategies group, specializing in Global Asset Allocation products. He is a portfolio manager of Putnam Multi-Asset Model Portfolios.  In addition, Seamus is responsible for gathering intelligence on trends in the global marketplace; communicating investment performance, positioning, and strategy as a member of the Portfolio Solutions group.

During the conversation, they touch on many topics, including: 

  • The Portfolio Solutions Group
  • How financial advisors can utilize the portfolio solutions group to improve outcomes and optimize portfolio efficiency
  • Multi-Asset Portfolios
  • Portfolio construction
  • How to successfully balance risk and return
  • The key factors that influence overall portfolio performance
  • The crucial data points when analyzing target date and retirement savings plans


This material is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not a recommendation of any specific investment product, strategy, or decision, and is not intended to suggest taking or refraining from any course of action. It is not intended to address the needs, circumstances, and objectives of any specific investor. This information is not meant as tax or legal advice. Investors should consult a professional advisor before making investment and financial decisions and for more information on tax rules and other laws, which are complex and subject to change.


Investing involves risk, including the loss of principal. Risks apply to those underlying funds in the allocation of the models, there is no guarantee the funds’ investment objectives will be achieved. Carefully consider the funds within the model portfolios’ investment objectives, risk factors, and charges and expenses before investing. This and other information can be found in the funds’ prospectuses, which may be obtained by visiting the respective fund information page or fund family website. Our allocation of investments among the underlying funds may hurt performance. Therefore, the model portfolio’s performance is subject to the risks that may affect the performance of the underlying funds. In addition, investors will bear the fees and expenses of the underlying funds included in the models. 

 To view additional information, please visit the Putnam Multi-Asset Model Portfolios page found on 

 Investors should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses of a fund before investing. For a prospectus, or a summary prospectus if available, containing this and other information for any Putnam fund or product, call your financial representative or call Putnam at 1-800-225-1581. Please read the prospectus carefully before investing.

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Portfolio Solutions with Seamus Young, CFA

Portfolio Solutions with Seamus Young, CFA

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