DiscoverPostmodern Realities PodcastPostmodern Realities Episode 194 Autobiography as Apologetic
Postmodern Realities Episode 194 Autobiography as Apologetic

Postmodern Realities Episode 194 Autobiography as Apologetic

Update: 2020-07-30


Long-time Christian Research Journal author Dr. Douglas Groothuis writes, “I am getting older, and I lament the recent loss of so many Christian leaders who have shaped my thinking. I also am disturbed by so many recent deconversions of well-known Christians. So, I need to write about what I have not written much. Autobiography can be an apologetic for what matters most—the Christian message and way of being. My narrative relates my conversion and intellectual development.” Join us for this conversation about Doug’s spiritual journey and accompanying article.

This Postmodern Realities episode is a conversation with Journal author Doug Groothuis about his online-exclusive article, “Autobiography as Apologetic”.

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Postmodern Realities Episode 194 Autobiography as Apologetic

Postmodern Realities Episode 194 Autobiography as Apologetic

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