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Power of Why with Benny Ng

Power of Why with Benny Ng

Update: 2020-12-19


Our Power of Why statement will be the driving force of our success or our failure. You will and must have something that pushes you to move when things get tough. It also sets a foundation for how you determine your value in three main areas.


Many of the people who have become successful will have a "Power of Why" story that made them go for the opportunity one more time. There is a higher level of creativity achieved when you are determined to win. That being said, a why that lacks deep roots will surely be carried away during your entrepreneurial journey.

This Power of Why series captures the candid responses from several coauthors of the Power of Why Volume 2 anthology. These entrepreneurs are from different ends of the earth with varying levels of experience that extend over 30 years. It is time for you to experience something greater through the eyes of women and men who are at the level where you are trying to go.

Join the co-authors:

The power of why gives you the power to hold your note. In this episode, Benny brought another point of view on overcoming the thought of not being good enough. With entrepreneurship, the imposter syndrome can be turned off when you have a solid understanding of your why. It is the difference between singing at a low whisper and singing with your full lung capacity.

Benny's nuggets:
~ You can overcome what people told you in your past
~ When you don't think that you are capable, get connected with someone who can see that you are
~ It's never too late to tap into your passion and purpose
~ Everyone is not naturally gifted but anyone can do the necessary work to become skilled
~ You have the power to open up new opportunities
~ Tap into the experiences and wisdom of others
~ Protect your instrument - Your gifts & talents

It all started with the Lion King for Benny. Although he does not feel he was naturally gifted, he had a passion for singing that started at a young age. Through research and experimentation, he has excelled from singing along with the Lion King to teaching people how to no longer be a closet singer.

Your environment plays a big part in how we hear and interpret things. How are you creating an environment that is moving you towards your success?

Meet Benny:

I’m a singing teacher. I’ve helped hundreds of singers sing with confidence. I want to help you avoid the mistakes I made and get better at singing quicker. I created to turn closet singers into confident singers

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Power of Why with Benny Ng

Power of Why with Benny Ng

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