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Power of Why with Funmi Olutile

Power of Why with Funmi Olutile

Update: 2021-01-14


Our Power of Why statement will be the driving force of our success or our failure. You will and must have something that pushes you to move when things get tough. It also sets a foundation for how you determine your value in three main areas.


Many of the people who have become successful will have a "Power of Why" story that made them go for the opportunity one more time. There is a higher level of creativity achieved when you are determined to win. That being said, a why that lacks deep roots will surely be carried away during your entrepreneurial journey.

This Power of Why series captures the candid responses from several coauthors of the Power of Why Volume 2 anthology. These entrepreneurs are from different ends of the earth with varying levels of experience that extend over 30 years. It is time for you to experience something greater through the eyes of women and men who are at the level where you are trying to go.

Join the co-authors:

What does it look like to your client or customer? This is a question that could shift things for you in business but it is not a question that most entrepreneurs ask regularly. Yes, we make sure that there are great graphics, and yes we make sure that we show up online flawlessly but what does the flow actually look like for the people who will be paying you. The funnel system is one that deserves it's own certification process as you look at the details of what makes everything flow.

Oh, and everything has to flow!

Certain programs and apps will present you with a funnel system that is easy to setup. Others make you feel like you need a Ph.D. to get it running properly. Ultimately you NEED a funnel system and in today's episode, Funmi shared how having a funnel fits into your why.

Funmi's nuggets:
~ When you to clarify your brand and activate that online business so that you can make money while you are sleeping
~ Let's be honest when it comes to starting the business, we want to make money but in the first few years, we don't
~ This journey requires commitment
~ Think of your funnel the same way you think of building a relationship/friendship
~ Real networking is about building a relationship
~ Everything will not always be in place for a perfect launch

A huge win in entrepreneurship is you build an email list. That list can be your community, that list can be your support, and within that list are the people who want to buy your products and services. Many entrepreneurs say that they wish that they would have started building an email list earlier on. Are you building your list? If not, what is holding you back from creating the funnels that will help you succeed?

Meet Funmi:

Olufunmi Olutile is a digital C.E.O using her skills and training to help other business owners clarify their brand, design their visuals, and Activate their business.

She moved her business fully online in 2018 and settled with the Kajabi hosting platform to deliver her products and services.

Now a Kajabi expert, she offers a wide range of products and services from coaching services to building lead magnets, sales pages, online course creation, and membership sites.

After overcoming the difficulties associated with starting a successful online business, Olufunmi now helps other people who are struggling to achieve the same success.

To contact Olufunmi Olutile, please email or go to

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Power of Why with Funmi Olutile

Power of Why with Funmi Olutile

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