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Power of Why with Kimberly Lawson

Power of Why with Kimberly Lawson

Update: 2020-12-21


Our Power of Why statement will be the driving force of our success or our failure. You will and must have something that pushes you to move when things get tough. It also sets a foundation for how you determine your value in three main areas.


Many of the people who have become successful will have a "Power of Why" story that made them go for the opportunity one more time. There is a higher level of creativity achieved when you are determined to win. That being said, a why that lacks deep roots will surely be carried away during your entrepreneurial journey.

This Power of Why series captures the candid responses from several coauthors of the Power of Why Volume 2 anthology. These entrepreneurs are from different ends of the earth with varying levels of experience that extend over 30 years. It is time for you to experience something greater through the eyes of women and men who are at the level where you are trying to go.

Join the co-authors:

It started with a Love Jones for poetry for me and my guest Kimberly. She shared her journey from being a published author to becoming a publisher. It didn't happen overnight but her power of why inspired the leap. For many people, there is something in our childhood that sparks your why. That spark stays with you into adulthood but it is not until you get another spark that you put things into action.

Kimberly's nuggets:
~ Your passion will bring you full circle when you take action on it
~ Find your outlet and it could lead you to your propose
~ People that support you are valuable - don't forget it
~ Your why will push you to be seen and heard
~ Being an introvert is not a negative thing

Your why will drive you to do things outside of your comfort zone. That is a huge bonus for your business. From speaking to starting a podcast your why will push you towards saying yes to new opportunities and network with people. That was what pushed this little introvert to be able to connect with 27 other people to be in the best selling international best-selling book. (The Power of Why 2)

What will your why push you to do?

Meet Kimberly:

Kimberly Lawson is an International Bestselling Author, Business Coach, Podcast Host, and Speaker with a passion to change the world. What started as penning short stories and poetry as a child ultimately turned into authoring several books and launching her own publishing company, Sherrelle Ink, LLC. She has an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for helping budding and novice entrepreneurs thrive. Kimberly’s company Lawson Learning Academy, LLC specializes in helping individuals turn their dreams of entrepreneurship into thriving successful businesses. Kimberly has successfully coached many individuals to achieve their business goals. She has been featured in Right On Magazine, Voyage ATL, Versafi Magazine, on WALB (NBC Affiliate), and numerous media outlets.

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Power of Why with Kimberly Lawson

Power of Why with Kimberly Lawson

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