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Powering Online Education with Chip Paucek

Powering Online Education with Chip Paucek

Update: 2020-03-31


This week we are joined by Chip Paucek, 2U’s Co-Founder and CEO. 2U is one of the leading online education software platforms. At ARK we often say disruptive innovation gains traction in tumultuous times. There’s perhaps no better example than in the education space. For six years 2U noted that one of the biggest challenges was fighting the stigma of online education, and then in the midst of COVID-19 nearly every school has been forced into an online only setting. Tune in to hear Chip walk us through 2U’s critical role in helping schools’ transition from the classrooms to online. We talk about the challenges of 2U, how online learning can create more engaging classes, and how 2U’s scale can help lower the cost of higher education.


Key Points From This Episode:

2U’s role in transitioning both itself and its partner schools online during the COVID-19.

2U’s founding principles and what makes it unique.

The difference between a lecture on Zoom and a program specifically designed to be online.

Professors’ reactions to teaching online for the first time.

The history and potential future of online education.

Looking at education as an elastic good and creating a sustainable business model.

Comparing online education outcomes through 2U and Gallup’s first survey.

Reasons enterprises are turning to short courses and bootcamps.

The lasting power of university brands.

2U’s global expansion.

Chip’s favorite brand, book, and the next short course he plans to take.



“High quality education online isn’t just about being in a live classroom via Zoom or Google Hangout.” @Chip Paucek

“At one point we won’t call it online education anymore, we will just call it higher education.” @Chip Paucek
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Powering Online Education with Chip Paucek

Powering Online Education with Chip Paucek

Sam Korus, ARK Analyst