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Preparing For War With ONLY AT THE MOVIES

Preparing For War With ONLY AT THE MOVIES

Update: 2021-09-16


Comprising several ‘lifers’ from the Sydney music scene, punk outfit Only At The Movies are searching for something a little different with their music.
With a diverse repertoire and influences harnessing the best of late 1990’s and early 2000’s punk, melodic hardcore and alternative rock, Only At The Movies promise to be anything but predictable.
Their purpose is simple: to deliver the timeless sound of a treasured generation to a new audience paired with a visual style that makes people feel like they are at a movie when they listen to a recording or watch the band play live.
After releasing the EP Straight To VHS last year, the band have now focused on their next chapter which starts with the single Welcome To The War.
Vocalist Brad and bass player Aaron joined HEAVY to talk about the single and future plans.
"Musically I pretty much haven't left the late 90s, early 2000s genres of punk rock,” Brad laughed. “I'm influenced by bands like Blink 182, New Found Glory, all your higher up punk rock bands, but I'm also into a lot of underground bands as well. We wanted something nice and quick, punchy, easy to remember and is hopefully something everyone hums along to after is finished."
"The whole idea here is as a band we just wanna have fun,” Aaron added. “We're lifers in the Sydney music scene. What we wanna achieve live is for people to dance along and sing along and have a laugh. We wanna make our shows as visual as possible so it really feels like you're at a show or a movie. We've got plans to dress up as Ghostbusters and things like that and really make it an interactive experience. With the music, as much similar as possible. So, a lot of imagery- like lyrical imagery of your favourite movies - and situations from movies that create that visualization as well."
In the full interview, the boys talk more about Welcome To The War, the lyrics and how they tie in with the theatrical direction of the band, future music, the state of punk rock in Australia, their sound and where it comes from, how they plan to translate their central image to their music and live shows and more.








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Preparing For War With ONLY AT THE MOVIES

Preparing For War With ONLY AT THE MOVIES

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