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Prescribing The Antidote With VILIFY

Prescribing The Antidote With VILIFY

Update: 2023-03-15


Interview by Kris Peters
Newcastle metalcore outfit Vilify are one of the new "covid babies" when it comes to music.
Formed in around the global pandemic, Vilify have endured the same trials and tribulations as the rest of the world, except unlike many, the constant setbacks provided an impetus which has given the band more drive and focus.
Unable to play live for almost two years after their formation, Vilify instead channeled their energies into making music, the fruits of which can be heard in their latest track Take The Pill which is out now.
HEAVY had the pleasure of sitting down with the whole band to find out more about these promising upstarts.
We start by asking how the feedback has been for Take The Pill.
"Everyone has been really nice so far," vocalist Amy McIntosh smiled. "So far the feedback has said it is probably our best song to date. I keep using the word polarising... it's got some of our hookiest bits, some of our heaviest bits so I wouldn't disagree. I think it's the most true version of us so far."
"We're probably gonna use that as a basis for future things that we release too," guitarist Deni Hourihan added. "Not to say certain parts won't be a bit more techy or heavy or whatever but we all really liked how the song came out and felt that it's our vibe, or our sound."
In the full interview the band tells us more about Take The Pill musically, the massive guitar riff that introduces the song, the lyrical content, more new music, forming during lockdown and the challenges that posed, their upcoming show with Gravemind at Stay Gold, other shows coming up and more.








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Prescribing The Antidote With VILIFY

Prescribing The Antidote With VILIFY

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