DiscoverPat Gray UnleashedPresidential Debate Chaos (Round 1) | 9/30/20
Presidential Debate Chaos (Round 1) | 9/30/20

Presidential Debate Chaos (Round 1) | 9/30/20

Update: 2020-09-301


Chaos or cluster fun at the debate last night? Will there be another? Donald Trump’s response to Joe Biden over the COVID-19 situation. Whose side was Chris Wallace on? Biden states that ANTIFA is just an “idea." Where are these undecided people who don’t know who to vote for? Sad news today: Helen Reddy has died. Biden tries to explain why methane is in the air. We can’t let them take out the cows. Is the Left rooting against America? Economy going back up despite New York and California still being locked down. The Antifa website still redirects to Joe Biden’s website. Four-day football spoilers ahead! Army football player headbutts his coach. Why did Joe Biden say he went to Delaware State when he didn’t? Who are the other moderators for the debates? Proof that mail-in ballots aren't the best method. The debate recap on the issue of race.

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David Rauh

I missed the beginning but what I saw was typical Trump. He won on facts and substance but he left himself wide open for a PR nightmare. Chris Wallace showed he doesn't like Trump but the president let himself get knocked off his game. That was my disappointment in the debate, Trump doesn't usually let himself be distracted

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Presidential Debate Chaos (Round 1) | 9/30/20

Presidential Debate Chaos (Round 1) | 9/30/20

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