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Pro-life increases in House of Representatives

Pro-life increases in House of Representatives

Update: 2020-11-05


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Pro-life increases in House of Representatives

The number of pro-life Republican women in the House of Representatives will more than double in 2021, in another likely disappointment for Speaker Nancy Pelosi who has yet to see her prediction of an increased Democratic majority materialize. At least 14 pro-life women have won Houses races, and in seven cases they flipped Democrat-held seats.

Aborted babies memorialized in sculpture

A new sculpture installed at Resurrection Cemetery in The Diocese of Madison, Wisc., is dedicated to the memory of children lost to abortion. The powerful sculpture depicts a grief-stricken mother and father and their aborted daughter shown as a young child. The sculpture, called “The Memorial of Unborn Children II,” was created by Slovakian sculptor Martin Hudáček, whose “Memorial for Unborn Children” of a mother and her aborted child touched hearts in 2010. His new sculpture portrays the pain both mothers and fathers can experience after an abortion. Hudáček told Catholic World Report that people in Poland came to him with the idea of showing it isn’t only women who regret abortion and weep for their children. Fathers, too, can suffer the effects of abortion trauma.

Supreme Court heard religious freedom argument

The Supreme Court of The United States yesterday heard oral argument in Philadelphia v. Fulton, a case in which the justices will decide whether religious organizations can be disqualified from serving children and families. First Liberty filed a friend-of-the-court brief in the case on behalf of Galen Black, a plaintiff from the landmark 1990 Supreme Court Case Employment Division v. Smith. First Liberty Institute Counsel Keisha Russell said the Constitution prohibits government from punishing religious organizations for acting consistently with their sincerely held religious beliefs. The court should ensure that religious adoption providers can continue their centuries-old work serving families and children without suffering government discrimination because they believe that the best home for a child includes a mother and father.

Planned Parenthood drops a suit

Planned Parenthood’s filed a notice to a federal district court Tuesday that the abortion giant wishes to drop its lawsuit against Arizona laws that protect women considering an abortion by ensuring they have at least 24 hours to reflect and investigate after receiving critical information — in person — about abortion and available alternatives and ensuring that abortions are performed only by licensed physicians. In March, The U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona allowed Choices Pregnancy Centers of Greater Phoenix, represented by Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys, to intervene in the lawsuit, Planned Parenthood Arizona v. Brnovich, specifically to defend the 24-hour waiting period provision in Arizona law.









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Pro-life increases in House of Representatives

Pro-life increases in House of Representatives