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Problems Are a Good Thing - E146

Problems Are a Good Thing - E146

Update: 2023-04-27


Problems Are a Good Thing - E146

Highlights from this episode:

Run Down:  Problems Are a Good Thing (00:58 )

Office Talk: Top Line vs. Reduced COGS (14:20 )

In today's episode we are talking about the one constant in business: problems. Contrary to the feeling you get when you hear the word, problems are GOOD! They are the cost of doing business. The key to overcoming the dread you feel when problems arise is mastering and managing your perspective. When you stop seeing problems as an injustice, and start seeing them as opportunities, your whole world is going to change. (00:58 )

In today's office talk, we are talking about a scenario that was put out about the easiest way to increase your net: is it easier to increase your top line revenue or is it easier to cut your COGS (cost of goods sold)? Per the saying "you can't save your way to wealth", my opinion is that it is much easier to raise your revenue than to nickel and dime your COGS trying to get them down. (14:20 )

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Problems Are a Good Thing - E146

Problems Are a Good Thing - E146

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