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Protesting Her Own Employer

Protesting Her Own Employer

Update: 2020-08-1432


“As a Black woman who works at Adidas my experiences have never been business as usual.”

Julia Bond, an assistant apparel designer at the sportswear giant, says she had resigned herself to experiencing and witnessing racism at work — until she saw the George Floyd video.

Today, we speak to Ms. Bond, an assistant apparel designer at Adidas, who has brought the global racial reckoning to the company’s front door.

Wanting more than just schemes and targets, she has been protesting in front of the company’s Portland headquarters every day since June, awaiting an apology from leadership and an admission that they have enabled racism and discrimination. Guest: Julia Bond, assistant apparel designer at Adidas, who has been protesting outside the company’s Portland headquarters for the last three months. For more information on today’s episode, visit 

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Jordan Jones

every comment literally perpetuates the struggle by African Americans, we may never be understood. we'll have to go with another option, acceptance is not necessary, nor is inclusion.

Aug 19th

Tyler Foss

So her 2 experiences of "overt racism" was one of her bosses making a post saying "enter the dragon" with a picture of someone named Bruce Lee and someone missing a picture of an Asian who happened to be wearing a Confederate flag. I met someone who's name was Tony Stark. I called him Iron man. Am I racist? She is on strike? No, she stopped going to work. She is Hypersensitive and entitled. How is it hard to believe if you don't work you won't get paid? She also has delusions of grandeur. It's not because she alone is protesting for the last 2 months. It is because of the George floyd incident and nation-wide call to action. The county is doing better than I thought if there is an entire episode on this. You did 1 episode on women who accused Joe Biden of sexual assault and about 20 on the women who accused Kavanaugh. apparently it is "believe all women" if they help your political agenda. The New York Times used to be a legitimate news source.

Aug 16th
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Gina Olsen

Michael is deft at asking questions that expand many different points of the story. it's unfortunate the steps Adidas has taken are not enough of a start for Ms. Bond.

Aug 15th

Sasha Anne Lyn

This young woman seens to have conflated corporate wrongs with personal situations. I fully understand what it is like to experience all those daily comments but these are cultural and the stuff of unsophisticated, cringy staff. It seems Adidas has done what they needed to (and more!) although I agree that they should have definitely issued a company wide apology for using the Confederate flag- especially as designer inspiration. There are times when you cannot just demand change on such an epic scale. I understand the need to feel supported at work but, no matter what makes you different from the pack- your otherness will always be just that until your peers have experiences with you so that those barriers drop. This takes time; this takes 'living the life'.

Aug 15th

The Rabbit Hole

I personally see her as hypersensitive to racism but at the end of the day, she even confirmed this, all this could have been avoided if they acknowledged the issue was real and apologized. insensitive jokes and a rebel flag are are pretty easy to talk over

Aug 14th

Rasheed Wllc

Why are black ppl so hyper sensible? You think its only you who are suffering? That woman should stop crying! If you dont like adidas than go and work somewhere else! We, Getman Taxpayers, did not save Adidas to spend the taxpayers money for such non sense!

Aug 14th
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John Smith

honestly all I heard was a story of the most hypersensitive entitled girl in history who milked Adidas for 150 million dollars then expected to be paid not to work... this isnt a problem of racism it's a problem of entitlement

Aug 14th
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Protesting Her Own Employer

Protesting Her Own Employer