Purpose and Happiness

Purpose and Happiness

Update: 2021-08-3026


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You might not be surprised to hear me say that everybody I know has moments when they ponder their purpose in life and wonder if they are on the right track.

You might also agree with me that everybody wants more happiness in their life.

There’s no doubt, the twin pursuits of searching for purpose and happiness are baked into our DNA, but there is a better way to think about it. A better mindset, if you will.

Purpose is simply expressing yourself fully throughout your lifetime. You are likely doing that now in some capacity. If you are unfulfilled, you only need to find a new way to express yourself. Or, as I’ve said for years—

“If you don’t know your purpose, your purpose is to find your purpose.”

When you feel as if you are expressing yourself fully, you are living within your purpose.

Now, about happiness.

Most folks tend to define happiness as something that arrives “because” of something else. They make their happiness conditional. When you get a new job, home, relationship, you’ll be happy. But it’s easier than that.

Happiness is in and of itself a mindset that you choose to hold. It’s nothing special and it lives within you. You are happy, or you are not. It’s that simple.

When you choose the happiness mindset, you form a happiness habit that becomes part of your personality, and you wear throughout your life. No matter what happens, you choose to be happy.

If happiness results from conditions that you choose, choose the condition of being alive.

In the end, there is no need to pursue your purpose or happiness as if it’s a goal. Both are within you right now if you choose to recognize them.

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Purpose and Happiness

Purpose and Happiness