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Puzzle Rush

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Malcolm challenges his assistant Camille to the Law School Admissions Test. He gets halfway through, panics, runs out of time, and wonders: why does the legal world want him to rush?
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Sean Noonan

Good episode. I wasn't sure why Malcolm insisted that decisions about time limits (LSAT, chess) are arbitrary. I don't see why that is necessarily true. Presumably there may be valid reasons for the selected time limits. Off the top of my head (and this may be a poor suggestion on my part), it may be related to how well a candidate or player performs under pressure. I suppose you could say 35 minutes specifically is an arbitrary number but it would have a specific purpose (to apply pressure), and honestly unlimited time is as arbitrary as a specific time limit.

Aug 27th

Vernon Shoemaker

Sean Noonan If it were competition, the time constraints represent an even playing field, both sides equal. (One of Mr Gladwell's books addresses this subject by contrasting a Mozart and a Darwin because in the game of life we're not the same and it becomes an issue of both fairness and exploiting potential.) If a test, it probably suggests the ability of a person to process information quickly and accurately. This was my understanding when I took the ACT, that it tested a set of skills related to success in college.

Sep 2nd


Sean Noonan i really like this episode

Aug 28th

Justin Malek

Thank you so much for covering this topic! I grew up living the hare mentality, and managed to navigate it well. But, as I enter my late 30's and further my career, I find much more value in adopting the tortoise mentality. Great decisions require time to process and examine, especially when the stakes are high. Having passed, every timed, standardized test I have ever taken, the only award I have to show you is my ability to navigate complex issues quickly. Some call this efficiency, and I do know there are times that this skill is useful. However, I always emerge from the other side, knowing I could have done better... if only I had more time Please keep it coming Malcolm. I am always willing to wait... Cheers, J. Malek Boise, ID

Jul 17th

Drew Brid

Justin Malek Great! Cheers!

Jul 18th

Vince Quinones

Malcolm - for the sake of science and curiosity, what was your LSAT score?

Jun 24th
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Puzzle Rush

Puzzle Rush

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