DiscoverThe Reality Revolution PodcastQ'uo - On The Mysteries of Human DNA
Q'uo - On The Mysteries of Human DNA

Q'uo - On The Mysteries of Human DNA

Update: 2021-11-21


The long history of your peoples is preceded by an even longer, unwritten, unrecorded history of those energies and essences and individuals that made their own history at the time of what this instrument would call the last cycle change, or ice age. These entities were plummeted into service of a high second-density nature by entities who wished to have aid and help with their needs. These entities were not intending to be either evil or good, but rather were those who looked upon the second-density life forms of this planet as fair game for molding into the workers that they needed.


Thusly, a new race was created, not merely by the infinite Creator, but by those co-creators which were attempting to work with these life-forms for their own needs. Further energy and further manipulation was offered to these entities, creating within them that which this entity would call soul-streams. These were the improvements, shall we say, that indeed moved into that which was part of the DNA. However, not the same portion of DNA which had been the focus of change previously.


In this second wave of alterations, improvements were made so that entities were of third density, being ensouled and capable of mental, emotional and spiritual evolution in ways which transcended the second-density model of individuals coming from a gene pool and returning to that common memory pool. These entities, then, having been altered twice, were soon joined by other entities from other spheres within your galaxy whose time had run out for their third-density planets, and whose needs led them to this particular sphere that you call Earth.


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Q'uo - On The Mysteries of Human DNA

Q'uo - On The Mysteries of Human DNA

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