DiscoverThe Reality Revolution PodcastQ'uo The Paradox Of Fighting Darkness
Q'uo The Paradox Of Fighting Darkness

Q'uo The Paradox Of Fighting Darkness

Update: 2022-05-01


This episode Q'uo delves more deeply the paradox of fighting the darkness when any level of belicosity is opposed to fourth density.


We are pleased that you have called us once again today to partake in your channeling circle that we may speak to you regarding those queries which you have for us, that will find their home within your hearts, your minds, and your souls. We ask our simple favor, as always, that you use the words and concepts which we speak through you in whatever way has meaning for you, and leave behind any of which do not have meaning for you at this time. This will allow us to speak freely, for we do not wish any to think that we are ultimate authorities on any topic that we may be asked to channel through you. We are your brothers and sisters, who are as you, seeking to become more and more the One who is in all.


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Q'uo The Paradox Of Fighting Darkness

Q'uo The Paradox Of Fighting Darkness

Brian Scott