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Q and A with Angela and Shaye

Q and A with Angela and Shaye

Update: 2020-09-241


We asked, you answered.   We asked for questions and you blew up the Instagram comments and now YOU asked and we're answering.   Birth and nursing?   Botox?  Budgets?   How we met our spouses?   We did our best to cram as many answers into one episode.   Shaye's got a runny nose and two WHAT???   Tune in to find out.
We're still in Season 3 but we WILL be taking a one week break for our sanities sake.  Tune in again 10/5... In the meantime...  CUE the WINE MUSIC!

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This is the part of the podcast where we encourage you to pour a glass of whatever scratches your itch, for us, that means a bottle of wine. Our wine segment is sponsored by Dry Farm Wines which is a fabulous online company that will ship you organic, biodynamic, naturally yeasted, low-sugar, no-garbage wines from all around the world. This is wine that is grown and bottled to help you tap into life and celebrate it!
Today Ang is sipping a naturally fermented 2019 La Sagesse Touraine by Touraine.  This Sauvignon is from the clay, slate soil of the beautiful Loire Valley
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Q and A with Angela and Shaye

Q and A with Angela and Shaye

Angela Reed & Shaye Elliott