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Update: 2020-11-09


Elements to Include in Your Management Routine

In this episode, herdacious host Lorelei chats with Jennifer about all things management. Jennifer brings forth her extensive HR expertise to advise us on being successful managers in the workplace, and how to find the very best of the best for the job (ladies, this is your cue). From developing our leadership skills to the six C’s of management, Jennifer teaches us that being a kickass manager requires mentorship, dedication, and never ending practice! "Practice is the hardest part of learning, and training is the essence of transformation." -Ann Voskamp

Host: Lorelei Gonzalez
Co-host: Jennifer Farris

Jennifer Farris currently works between Austin and the Bay Area. She gained experience through working with some of the fastest growing start-ups in the Bay Area; building HR departments and teams that could scale from series A to IPO. Now she helps her clients work through defining their mission, vision, values, talent strategy, establishing core philosophy and process around recruiting practices, accelerating talent through goal alignment and feedback loops, management training/coaching and compensation leveling.

Things you will learn in this episode (chapter markers available):  

  • A company’s critical role 4:40  
  • Supporting managers 5:34
  • Management, leadership, and mutual exclusivity 8:15
  • Desirable characteristics 9:00  
  • The 6 C’s 12:50
  • Tips for increased gender diversity 14:40
  • Keys to successful management 17:45
  • The Yin to your Yang 20:20  
  • Femme fact: The Mother of Thanksgiving 24:02

Resources mentioned in this episode:  

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Queen of Management

Queen of Management