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Quick In & Out Breathwork 3 Minute Meditation

Quick In & Out Breathwork 3 Minute Meditation

Update: 2021-03-11


 180 Seconds That Will Change Your Day 180 Degrees

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3 Minute Meditations
I often hear people say, “meditating isn’t for me, because my mind goes a mile a minute and I can’t quiet my thoughts.” I would suggest that with intentional practice just about anyone will learn to quiet their mind, but it begins with focusing on your breath.

Why? Because slowing down our breathing changes our brain wave activity. It has been proposed that most humans beings only access about 3-10 percent of their brainpower. That is pretty astonishing when you think about it.

Now here’s the thing, it’s not that we don’t have access to it, we just aren’t living in a way that makes it available to us. You see there are yogis who share a school of thought which proposes that for the brain to function properly it needs a healthy dose of oxygen and if it isn’t supplied, it’s gonna hibernate like a bear.

The shallow, frequent breathing patterns which have become the norm in our hyper-stimulated, high-tech, low-touch modern-day lives, won’t provide the brain with enough oxygen to wake it up and have kept most of the brain sleeping.

A big part of what we’re gonna do with our practice is learning to slow down and deepen our breathing, thus oxygenating the brain in ways that heretofore haven’t been done before. And by doing so, you gain access to parts of the brain that up to this point have been unknown to us...we will enter the realm of the Other 90%. This is where the magic happens.

Breath Control Leads To Mind Control

As an aside, I find it pretty darn cool to see how this mirrors what has happened at the level of our Cosmos. Scientific exploration has shown that when the Big Bang occurred, only about 10% percent of the energy that came from it was made perceptible to the senses in the way of planets, stars, quarks, etc.

The Other 90% remained and remains imperceptible to our senses. In other words, that which we see and experience through our senses is just the tip of the iceberg. The vast majority of what is Reality remains below the surface so to speak. To gain access to it, we must begin within. Just something for you to chew on :)

Prepare to fly high my friend. Ever higher!!!

Adam Brewer/Founder

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Quick In & Out Breathwork 3 Minute Meditation

Quick In & Out Breathwork 3 Minute Meditation

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