Quick Way to Know if You Have Brain Damage

Quick Way to Know if You Have Brain Damage

Update: 2020-05-27


In this podcast, I want to give you a quick way to know if you have brain damage. The truth is, everyone acquires some degree of damage in their brain as they age. This has to do with a lack of fuel in your neurons. 

In one study, it was shown that the average person loses about 30% of their brain cells as they reach old age. This happens very gradually over time. The early signs of dementia can come on slowly—you might start forgetting where you put your keys or forget someone’s name. 

When your neurons are starving of fuel, you will notice:

• Loss of memory

• Lack of clarity

• Loss of focus and poor attention span

This all comes from consuming a high carbohydrate diet. Over time, carbs cause insulin resistance, and glucose cannot supply the brain cells with energy. 

Neurons actually prefer a different type of fuel: ketones. If given a choice between glucose and ketones, your neurons will choose ketones every time. 

There are two simple experiments you can do to find out if you have brain damage:

1. Go on a healthy ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting plan, which promotes the creation of ketones. 

2. Use MCT oil - this instantly creates ketones. 

After 1-2 weeks, take note of your cognitive improvements. If there are significant improvements, this could be a sign of damage due to low nutrients in your brain. In this case, it’s important to stay on a keto and intermittent fasting plan. It may even help reverse damage done to the brain. 

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Quick Way to Know if You Have Brain Damage

Quick Way to Know if You Have Brain Damage

Dr. Eric Berg