DiscoverThe Aaron Hill PodcastR.A.I.N (10% Happier Self Care Journey) 1/13/20
R.A.I.N (10% Happier Self Care Journey) 1/13/20

R.A.I.N (10% Happier Self Care Journey) 1/13/20

Update: 2020-01-13


R.A.I.N (10% Happier Self Care Journey) 1/13/20

R.A.I.N is a handy way to explore any sensation, thought or emotion.

- Recognize

- Accept

- Investigate

- Non-identification

1. This practice boosts your emotional literacy. You become curious of  an emotional reaction as opposed to being lost inside of the  emotion/experience.

2. You'll notice fewer negative emotions in general because of the regular practice of observing emotional habits.

• Sometimes meditation can open "Pandora's Box" exposing various  subconscious feelings, emotions and habits you were previously not aware  of.

• Recognize (without judgment) the emotions you are currently experiencing in the moment.

• Accept. Whatever the emotional sensation allow it to be, open up to  it and even care for it. Instead of suppressing it simply allow yourself  to feel and be with it. In this you are integrating your emotions with  your cognition. Marrying what we feel with what we know.

•  Acceptance is the most important practices for humanity. (imho) It's  also known by synonyms such as equanimity, forgiveness, maturity, love,  being present etc.

• Investigating is expanding and deepening the  volume of what we're accepting by getting interested in what we're  feeling and working at a pace that is acceptable for us.

• Be objective.....but friendly with yourself while investigating.

When we open this way to a feeling mindfulness takes over. If you do this enough times you create a new healthier habit.

• The way to change a habit is by working to create a new habit. Not by  trying to abruptly stop a habit. There is a subtle, nuanced difference  to this approach but the effects are monumental.

•  Non-identification is the attitude of not taking your emotions  personally. Say ________ is happening similar to saying "A thunderstorm  is happening" Making this "room" or "wedge" allows for you to observe  the emotions, sensations or thoughts without becoming the emotion,  sensation or thought.

• Periodically come back to your "home  base" (breath, being with the body etc.) during this mindfulness process  and practice to practice settling in, detaching, having self compassion  and overall....relaxing.


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R.A.I.N (10% Happier Self Care Journey) 1/13/20

R.A.I.N (10% Happier Self Care Journey) 1/13/20

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