DiscoverRead-Aloud RevivalRAR #135: What We’re Reading This Fall (and an invitation 💌)
RAR #135: What We’re Reading This Fall (and an invitation 💌)

RAR #135: What We’re Reading This Fall (and an invitation 💌)

Update: 2019-08-19


Today, I've got a podcast episode and an invitation to RAR Premium for you.

First: the podcast. In this newest episode, I"m sharing what we're reading this fall at Read-Aloud Revival. We've looked high and low and found what we think are three spectacular picture books and a novel (okay, a series) for you to share with your kids this fall.

I'll tell you each of my selections and why I picked them. I can't wait for you to see these.

In this episode, you'll hear:

* why your newly minted reader might not be a voracious one (and what to do about it)* a great way to include Dad in reading aloud* how we can easily build memories just by reading together and having dinner (#winning)

...and I answer a listener question about if it's OK to listen to a book before reading it.

And now, your invitation:

RAR Premium is the best we offer at Read-Aloud Revival, and I want to send you an official invitation to join us.

(Imagine a bookish wax sealed envelope flying out of your screen and dropping into your lap. Now open it up... )

Each season in RAR Premium, we read 1 novel and 3 picture books as part of our Family Book Club. We choose books with kids of all ages in mind, because we believe that families connect best when they read together.

Here's what's up next in our Family Book Club:

Premium Members also get a Family Book Club Guide to go with each of these, and we always wrap up by live streaming the author or illustrator of that book, so your kids can ask their own questions.

There's just nothing else like it.

… but actually, RAR Premium isn't just for your kids.

In fact, most of our members would probably tell you that the person who gets the most from being a member is Mama herself!

That's because we offer regular Master Classes that help you teach from rest and lead with confidence in your homeschool.

(We hear often that a single one of these classes is worth the price of membership… and we've got a whole library of them for you to watch at anytime!)

In fact, our very first Master Class this upcoming season is a class from me on Setting Yourself Up to Teach from Rest, so you can get your school year started on the right foot.

We've also got a seasonal Mama Book Club that will nourish your reading life (or bring it back to life, if it's been neglected lately—it's okay, we get it)

If you want to make reading aloud the very best part of your upcoming school year, we are your people and RAR Premium is your place. Come join us!

Get RAR Premium

You’ll find out why our members say things like this…

Get RAR Premium

Listener Guide

Use the time stamps below to skip to any part of the podcast:

1:53 (guess you'll have to listen to see what that's all about!)2:27 Helping your newly minted reader become a voraci...
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RAR #135: What We’re Reading This Fall (and an invitation 💌)

RAR #135: What We’re Reading This Fall (and an invitation 💌)

Sarah Mackenzie