DiscoverRead-Aloud RevivalRAR #151: It’s a Story… So What? Barb Rosenstock
RAR #151: It’s a Story… So What? Barb Rosenstock

RAR #151: It’s a Story… So What? Barb Rosenstock

Update: 2020-04-06


When is a story worth telling? And why are the best stories in history seen through the lens of a single human being? We’re diving into those questions to day with one of the most talented and effervescent authors I know: Barb Rosenstock.

I recommend every single one of Barb’s picture book biographies. Listen to this episode and you’ll know why. You’ll find links to her books at the bottom of this post.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • the magic of “So what?”… just wait till you hear her talk about this!

  • why Barb and Charlotte Mason could be friends (and she didn’t even know it!)

  • how Barb researches her books and lands on stories she wants to tell

I also answer a listener question about gift book ideas for teachers.

Click the play button below to start listening:

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Listener Guide:

<figure class="wp-block-table">

1:45 Best book gifts for teachers
4:34 A ‘trickster tale’
6:35 Barb Rosenstock is back!
7:23 Barb and Charlotte (Mason)
10:10 Dates aren’t enough 🗓
11:09 A ‘long and meandering’ process
12:43 So what?
13:41 Ben Franklin and John Adams
15:46 ‘A natural connection’
17:11 Ben Franklin’s Big Splash
18:29 Surface research and deeper research
20:13 Two new books
21:47 The ‘original juggler’ Abigail Adams
26:07 The most difficult book to research
28:08 Barb’s first book, Fearless
28:32 What’s next: Monet 🎨
29:56 Let the kids speak


Quotes to remember:

“It’s the one thing we all have in common: personhood. So having any topic, no matter what the… I don’t care if it’s science or math or a social studies topic or a history topic or whatever, relate it first by the stories of the people who did it. To me is just like, ‘Oh, of course that’s where you start.'” – Barb Rosenstock

“Idea is the easy thing, execution is everything.” – Barb Rosenstock

“A lot of times kids will say that they hate history. I don’t think they hate history. I think they hate the way it’s being presented.” – Barb Rosenstock

Links from this episode:

Some of Barb’s books:

Nothing Found

Books Sarah recommends as teacher gifts:

Nothing Found

You’ll also enjoy:

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RAR #151: It’s a Story… So What? Barb Rosenstock

RAR #151: It’s a Story… So What? Barb Rosenstock

Sarah Mackenzie