DiscoverRead-Aloud RevivalRAR #155: Q&A and Library’s Most Wanted
RAR #155: Q&A and Library’s Most Wanted

RAR #155: Q&A and Library’s Most Wanted

Update: 2020-06-012


In today’s episode, I’m answering your questions – from reading to separate age groups and how to make time for that (!), to what to do if summer reading programs make your kids want to read LESS…

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • when summer reading programs aren’t useful

  • how to handle a drop in comprehension when kids start reading longer books

  • ideas for easy chapter books

  • how to make time for reading aloud when your kids want to be outside all day

  • favorite fairy-tale-esque book recommendations

  • reading aloud to different age groups

Listener Guide:

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2:25 When reading challenges become a battle
5:46 A drop in comprehension with longer books
9:31 Easy chapter book ideas
13:42 Reading aloud during warmer weather months
17:57 Fairy tale-esque book suggestions
22:27 Reading aloud to different age groups
27:47 Library’s Most Wanted
32:31 Beyond books – Imagination
36:10 Let the Kids Speak


Quotes to remember:

“Our goal is to launch our kids into their adult lives as avid readers, as humans who love to read.” – Sarah Mackenzie

“Encountering these issues in books, where you can talk through them and discuss them with your kids, can really be a great gateway of sorts, a way to have conversations about hard topics with our kids in a safe way.” – Sarah Mackenzie

“Without imagination, our kids won’t be able to love reading stories, and they need imagination to sustain that mental theater constructed of words and characters. ” – Carolyn Leiloglou

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RAR #155: Q&A and Library’s Most Wanted

RAR #155: Q&A and Library’s Most Wanted

Sarah Mackenzie