DiscoverRead-Aloud RevivalRAR #156: Answering Your Q’s About Audio Books for Kids
RAR #156: Answering Your Q’s About Audio Books for Kids

RAR #156: Answering Your Q’s About Audio Books for Kids

Update: 2020-06-15


In today's episode, I'm answering several of your questions about audio books for kids. Let's talk favorite narrators, whether audio books hold you children back from learning to read on their own, and more.

In this episode, you'll hear:

* how to choose winning narrators* whether it's holding our kids back to let them listen to lots of audio* how I handle books in a series* whether or not to assign books during quiet reading time* when your husband is not a big reader

Listener Guide:

4:58 Choosing audio book narrators11:19 Are we holding our kids back by using audio books?17:19 What are your thoughts on introducing higher level books to young kids? 22:10 How do you handle reading aloud books from a series?26:44 Should I assign books for my son to read during quiet time?29:58 What to do when your husband isn't a reader33:48 Let the Kids Speak

Quotes to remember:

"There is no greater impetus or motivation for (a child) to want to be a reader than to love stories." - Sarah Mackenzie

"There's really nothing so powerful to help your child become a reader for life as to fall in love with the regular habit of free, voluntary reading." - Sarah Mackenzie

Links from this episode:

* RAR Premium* RAR #66: Do Audio Books Count as Read-Alouds?* Overdrive* Libby* Audible Deals* The Great Big Audible Q and A* RAR #141: Why Re-Reading is Possibly the Best Reading* RAR #154: When Your Child Doesn't Love Reading (this is what I meant when I suggested Episode 153... it's actually Episode 154, about how most of your child's reading should be free, voluntary reading)

Some of my favorite narrators:

* Jim Dale* Katherine Kellgren* Cherry Jones* Hugh Bonneville* Stephen Fry* Meryl Streep* Morgan Freeman* Glenn Close* Jack Nicholson

Some of my favorite audio books for kids:

Nothing Found

Books from this episode:

Nothing Found

You'll also enjoy:

* Water Your Bamboo - How to focus on the process (not the outcome) in your homeschool * The importance of reading at whim and developing your own taste* Creating a book club culture at home

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RAR #156: Answering Your Q’s About Audio Books for Kids

RAR #156: Answering Your Q’s About Audio Books for Kids

Sarah Mackenzie