DiscoverRead-Aloud RevivalRAR #158: Adventuring with Your Kids (yes, even now!)
RAR #158: Adventuring with Your Kids (yes, even now!)

RAR #158: Adventuring with Your Kids (yes, even now!)

Update: 2020-07-10


This week, I'm thrilled to chat with Greta Eskridge about how we can adventure with our kids - yes, even now!

Greta Eskridge and I discuss how books can be the conduit for adventuring with your kids, no matter your circumstances or your resources.

In this episode, you'll hear:

* all about Greta's new book, Adventuring Together* how even small adventures can be impactful for our kids* how to start in the simplest way possible

Click the play button below to start listening:

3:05 Greta is back!4:32 Books + adventure7:08 Books take you places10:16 Accessible adventures15:32 Books before or after an adventure18:12 Yellowstone and Cubby21:09 Hometown reading24:37 Celebrating books25:12 Connecting with our kids29:40 Lasting memories32:38 Misadventures make great stories37:28 Let the Kids Speak

Quotes to remember:

You can love books and crave adventure. Those two things can coexist.- Greta Eskridge

Through books, we get to see the world. Those are some of the most cherished memories of my childhood.- Greta Eskridge

This is the stuff our kids remember and carry with them—the books that we shared, the adventures we had, the memories that we made.- Sarah Mackenzie

Links from this episode:

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RAR #158: Adventuring with Your Kids (yes, even now!)

RAR #158: Adventuring with Your Kids (yes, even now!)

Sarah Mackenzie