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RETRO AIOTM (Edinburgh Special 2010)

RETRO AIOTM (Edinburgh Special 2010)

Update: 2020-07-30


Retro AIOTM #19 - Back 10 years to the Edinburgh Fringe 2010 - who would have dreamed that a decade later the whole thing would have been postponed? But you can pretend it’s all still happening by listening to this hour of culturally insensitive bilge written under extreme circumstances even for this half-arsed show. Remember you can see the 10 year older Richard Herring who doesn’t even have the politeness to write a script now, strutting his stuff on Twitch most nights, including the all new Ally and Herring’s Twitch of Fun on Thursday nights. And you can preorder Richard's new book “The Problem With Men” here or at any major book retailer

As It Occurs To Me: Edinburgh Special 2010: What a ludicrous idea. In a Fringe where Herring is already performing 36 shows in 26 days, what would possess him to write an hour of stand-up and sketches about what he has been up to? Utter lunacy. Christian didn't got to bed til 6am by which time Richard was up and furiously typing at his keyboard to bring you stories of ghosts in the swimming pool, the Pride of Scotland and how he is more Scotch than a significant proportion of Edinburgh residents. Emma is fascinated with caterpillars and not in a cute way and Dan has been watching some experimental theatre involving birdlife and faeces. Whilst the spectre of Richard Herring might hang over Andrew Collings' solo show, there is an elephant in this packed and chandeliered room which is at least reminiscent of Collings. With Haribo coming out of their eyeballs how will the sleep deprived cast cope with this early start? And who is the most Scotch character on their roster of freaks? You might be surprised by the answer.

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RETRO AIOTM (Edinburgh Special 2010)

RETRO AIOTM (Edinburgh Special 2010)