DiscoverKinda Funny Games DailyRIP Bowsette -- Kinda Funny Games Daily 01.07.19
RIP Bowsette -- Kinda Funny Games Daily 01.07.19

RIP Bowsette -- Kinda Funny Games Daily 01.07.19

Update: 2019-01-071


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Tim and Greg return to talk about Nintendo squashing Bowsette, Overwatch esports woes, and more!

00:03:41 - Housekeeping
It’s Kinda Funny’s 4th Anniversary, and we’re celebrating with a good ol’ fashioned fundraiser. Head over to to see all the cool shows we’re adding, the World Tour we’re planning, and to learn about Patreon Memberships like the Bronze Membership that gets your questions on Kinda Funny Games Daily!
The Roper Report -
00:05:10 - RIP Bowsette, Gita Jackson @ Kotaku
00:07:30 - New Alien Game is for Mobile, Jason @ Kotaku
00:09:35 - Bethesda and Westworld Settle over Fallout Shelter clone, Eddie @ GameSpot
00:11:42 - Overwatch Player Fabricates Identity, RV @ GIB
00:18:20 - Epic Bringing Back 14 Days of Fortnite, Kevin Knezevic @ GameSpot
00:29:00 - Out today
00:26:45 - Quip
00:28:41 - Hims
Reader mail -
00:31:25 - The current 2019 announcements are more or less underwhelming. Do you think there could be a sudden announcement from a big studio? If so, what? - Duarte Rosa
00:35:17 - There is no way they are going to call a character Doomguy! - Austin from Maine
00:37:50 - Do you believe that Anthem will become the next Destiny? Or will it be overshadowed by The Division 2? - Andrew Rivera aka Mechashadow12 from New Jersey
00:41:18 - I love that you all are doing another KF Showcase, but your E3 content is one of my most highly anticipated things of the year. Do you think the extra work of putting together the Showcase will take away from your other E3 coverage? - Ryan Trimble
00:42:50 - Since Kinda Funny has hit the E3 Kinda Funny showcase level, what did you learn from the 1st showcase? What do you hope to do better? What worked best the 1st time? - Joey Melone AKA MostADD
00:46:50 - How do people submit questions to KFGD now, just like I did? - ReclusiveDragon
00:47:20 - How do I change to a higher tier one month and back to my original the following? Also, where do we put in our shirt size for doing the platinum this month? - Alex
00:49:42 - Squad Up: Chad: FaceTime (@RespawnAimFire on Twitter)
00:50:00 - You‘re Wrong
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RIP Bowsette -- Kinda Funny Games Daily 01.07.19

RIP Bowsette -- Kinda Funny Games Daily 01.07.19

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