DiscoverKinda Funny Games DailyRaid at Starbreeze - Kinda Funny Games Daily 12.05.18
Raid at Starbreeze - Kinda Funny Games Daily 12.05.18

Raid at Starbreeze - Kinda Funny Games Daily 12.05.18

Update: 2018-12-05


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The bad news keeps coming for Starbreeze; this morning, authorities raided the office because of one person's actions.

Time Stamps -
00:07:16 - Housekeeping
Game Awards Watch-a-long Thursday evening. Any and Tim. 6 pm PT.
The Kinda Funny Games Showcase is SATURDAY. We have SIXTY games to show you, and we couldn’t be more excited. Come see what we’ve got Saturday, December 8th at 10 am PT on If you’re out and about, follow @kindafunnyvids on Twitter or catch the Showcase later on
The Roper Report -
00:13:00 - Starbreeze Raided By Authorities, James Batchelor GIB
00:16:30 - Fortnite Creative Mode Coming, GameSpot Tamoor
00:21:40 - Red Dead Online isn’t wiping progress
00:22:40 - MIke Laidlaw (Former Dragon Age) joins Ubi Quebec
00:24:00 - New Far Cry? Joe Skrebbels at IGN
00:27:20 - Epic No Longer Developing Unreal Tourney, Matthew Handrahan GIB
00:33:50 - Out today
Reader mail -
00:42:00 - Evan from Virginia - “With news of Discord and now EPIC starting their own storefront, I'm worried the ecosystem is becoming increasingly fractured and less consumer friendly. As a self proclaimed PC hater (I know you're joking) do you know anyone in the industry that can speak about this news, SPECIFICALLY with regards to how it affects the consumer?”
00:46:20 - Haydn Luly - “I do think this will be the best battlefield yet but like fallout it should have never been released in this state.”
00:52:00 - - Ron - “ KFG Showcase and how it relates to the future of media. It made me think you guys are really ahead of the curve. Austin Walker mentioned he'd love to do something similar and I imagine other sites are thinking the same thing. One thing that did come up I want to ask about though is how will Kinda Funny handle covering games featured in the showcase in terms of ethics?”
00:54:20 - - Nate Bushman - “Hello Greg and the Rogue One Gary Whitta, With the fever pitch hype Marvel is getting this week with people anticipating reveals with the Avengers in terms of the movie and possibly the game I gotta ask is there a particular movie-based game you look back on fondly as sticking the landing? Do you have particular favorites?”
00:56:20 - Squad Up: Brandon715(Pokemon Go) - 6745 2135 2641
:: - You‘re Wrong
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Raid at Starbreeze - Kinda Funny Games Daily 12.05.18

Raid at Starbreeze - Kinda Funny Games Daily 12.05.18

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