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Raising The Temperature With H.E.A.T

Raising The Temperature With H.E.A.T

Update: 2022-08-02


Swedish hard rock/melodic rock outfit H.E.A.T. have quickly established themselves as one of the premiere exponents of the scene on a global scale, touring with the likes of Alice Cooper and Thin Lizzy, in the process introducing many hardened rock lovers to the driving rhythm that is melodic rock.
Comprising members who have been there since the band’s inception in 2007 – and after the recent return of original vocalist Kenny Leckremo, who hasn’t sung with the band since the 2010 album Freedom Rock – H.E.A.T. plan to further strengthen their claim to the rock throne with Fridays release of their new album Force Majeure.
Following the heavier direction of 2020s H.E.A.T II, H.E.A.T. have again adopted a similar approach for this new release which sees the original line-up reunited after a twelve year separation.
On top of the album release, H.E.A.T. are also scheduled for a September tour of Australia with fellow rockers Crazy Lixx, marking the first time either band has toured this country as a functioning unit.
HEAVY aught up with H.E.A.T. keyboardist/backing vocals/songwriter and producer Jona Tee to talk about the album and tour.
"Obviously us being H.E.A.T. it's kind of 80s rock inspired but with a fresh sound,” he explained of Force Majeure. “I think we've built on the previous album H.E.A.T. II in terms of the sound and the songwriting. The biggest difference is we have Kenny our original singer back in the band again, which affects the whole sound and the whole outcome of the album, both vocally and also songwriting wise."
After a prolonged absence of more than a decade, Tee smiles when asked how easy it was to fall back into old habits with Leckremo back at the helm.
“"He was very adaptive to us, and he said I wanna keep building on what you guys have done because obviously he realised that we have been around for ten more years making music,” Tee said. “He came with song ideas, and we wrote together. Being a pandemic, it was the perfect way to integrate him into the band again. We got all the time we needed to write new music which was super important. I think that was important because if we had gone touring on H.E.A.T. II straight away it would be a different sounding album because we wouldn't have the same time in the studio to prepare everything."
In the full interview Jona talks more about Force Majeure, the musical direction, continuing on the path begun with H.E.A.T. II, what defines heaviness in music, the run of shows with Crazy Lixx, sightseeing plans while they are here and more.








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Raising The Temperature With H.E.A.T

Raising The Temperature With H.E.A.T

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