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Rational Thinking in an Irrational World | SAL DI STEFANO

Rational Thinking in an Irrational World | SAL DI STEFANO

Update: 2020-02-257


Guys, you’re really going to enjoy today’s conversation with my friend and repeat guest Sal Di Stefano. You may know him from MindPump Media where they focus on physical and mental health primarily but Sal is so well-versed with trends in society that I really wanted to have the conversation we have today.

We talk about logical fallacies, emotional hype, “cancel culture,” victimhood as a perceived virtue, why superman isn’t brave at all, and, ultimately, how to think rationally in an irrational world.


  • Effective communication
  • Seeking smart people
  • Having your mind changed
  • The marketplace of ideas
  • Collective truths
  • Rolling the dice
  • Understanding generality
  • Long term behavior changes
  • Self-growth
  • Being a victim
  • Marketing 101
  • The free market
  • Rational Emotion


As I mentioned earlier, my guest today is Sal Di Stefano. He is the co-founder and co-host of MindPump Media.

The man is a natural intellect as you’ll hear during our conversation and has taken his passion for information and learning and applied it to the realm of physical fitness. He’s been through some ups and downs regarding his own path of health and fitness and has used his extensive research and knowledge to create their MAPS programming.

Now he along with his co-hosts, Adam, Justin, and Doug, they host the MindPump Media Podcast which is reaching the masses and has been downloaded tens of millions of times.

I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did.


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Rational Thinking in an Irrational World | SAL DI STEFANO

Rational Thinking in an Irrational World | SAL DI STEFANO