DiscoverThe Profitable WayRaw Motherhood with Kelsie Chernenko
Raw Motherhood with Kelsie Chernenko

Raw Motherhood with Kelsie Chernenko

Update: 2023-02-01


I am excited to bring you this week's guest Kelsie Chernenko. Kelsie always dreamed of becoming a mom, and believed a baby would be the ultimate in fulfillment, making her finally feel “complete.” But after becoming a mom three years ago, she struggled when the reality of motherhood did not match her expectations. She didn’t get that blissed out feeling society promises new moms. Instead, she felt lost, overwhelmed & like something was still missing. This unexpected identity crisis propelled her down a path of self-discovery that involved her hitting rock bottom, finding her purpose, and starting a coaching business.Now, as a certified Life Coach, she uses a variety of holistic modalities & techniques to help new moms overcome common challenges in motherhood and rediscover themselves in the process.

In this episode we discuss:

  • the experiences of (mostly new) motherhood that are not openly discussed 
  • how motherhood has been a catalyst for both Kelsie and I to want MORE from life and our work 
  • the ways we can support ourselves in the ebbs and flows of parenting 
  • A deep dive into our personal experiences

If you're looking for support, Kelsie has an AMAZING program. The Motherhood program is a 1:1 online coaching program aimed at helping new moms who feel lost and unfulfilled overcome the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual challenges that arise during the transition to motherhood. In this program designed for the busy new mom, you will learn to prioritize your needs and self-care, improve your mindset, manage your emotions, rediscover your identity and gain clarity on your passion, career and goals.

For those in the Lower Mainland, British Columbia area, she also hosts monthly in-person events called Mama's Time Out. Part workshop, part social club, part discussion group, these intimate events are kid-free and mother-centered, giving moms the chance to make new mom-friends, have meaningful discussions on topics that matter to them, and learn how to overcome common challenges in motherhood.

To connect with Kelsie:

  • Follow Kelsie on Instagram: @kelsiejanecoaching
  • Email to get on the waitlist for the Motherhood program 
  • Visit her website here for more information about the Motherhood program
  • Add Kelsie Jane on Facebook & request to join Mama's Time Out Facebook page

With love,

Robyn xo


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Raw Motherhood with Kelsie Chernenko

Raw Motherhood with Kelsie Chernenko

Robyn Gooding