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Raw with Jay: Play and How Important it is

Raw with Jay: Play and How Important it is

Update: 2021-02-05


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Play and How Important it is

This is The Waffling Taylors Raw with Jay, a series of shorter episodes that will be of indefinite length - we're gonna put these out as-and-when. These episodes will cover shorter topics which don't really fit well within the scope of the show or topics that I want to cover in my own way before we bring them up on the show. That's not to say that we won't cover these topics in the main show, but I'd like to take a whack at them here, first.
I can't guarantee that all of these shorter episodes will be as deep or technical as this one. But I wanted to start big.
I've included a whole bunch of references in the show notes for this episode, so it's going to be worth clicking through and reading those show notes - because there are loads of books you can read, and web resources.
How do you feel about play as a salve for a lack of creativity? Do you agree with the findings of Harlow, Deci, and Csikszentmihalyi? Would you like to hear more of these shorter Raw with Jay episodes?

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Raw with Jay: Play and How Important it is

Raw with Jay: Play and How Important it is

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