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Ready, Aim, Fire With MICK QUEE From FIRING SQUAD

Ready, Aim, Fire With MICK QUEE From FIRING SQUAD

Update: 2022-09-27


Melbourne hard rock outfit Firing Squad might be in their infancy, but don't make the mistake of thinking they are coming in with their baby teeth still intact.
Boasting frontman Mick Quee, who honed his pedigree with Western Australian legends Hail Mary, Firing Squad not only have the pedigree for success, but also the talent.
Quee has stepped up to the microphone as lead singer for the first time with Firing Squad, showcasing a vocal dynamic that has been wasted behind back up vocals for too long.
Following the release of their impressive debut single Gods Of War towards the end of last year, Firing Squad are about to unleash a double single release with Death By Firing Squad and Killing Spree both scheduled for premiere on HEAVY at 12pm September 28.
Quee joined HEAVY to talk about the twin assault. We started by double checking that purely judging by the titles of the tracks that they weren't love songs.
"No, they're definitely not love songs," he laughed. "Killing Spree, with the recent school shootings in America, it's based around that theme and Death By Firing Squad is from the point of view of a POW. I got a lot of background looking into war and a lot of history around World War 2 and stuff so it's taken from the point of view of war. It's pretty much from him getting captured and the lead up to getting shot. The torture that goes with it and the effect it has on your mind and body and the things they go through."
Suspecting the answer already, HEAVY had to ask if there was any chance of a happy ending to the tale.
"No, it doesn't," Quee laughed. "It's unlikely he's gonna get rescued. He's pretty much done and dusted."
In the full interview, Mick goes into each song in more depth, the musical direction of each song, how they showcase different sides of the band's musical personality, future music plans, the formation of the band, their slot at Kilfest 2022, supporting Desecrator at their final show and more.
Intro track BLACK LABEL 'Piston Checks'








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Ready, Aim, Fire With MICK QUEE From FIRING SQUAD

Ready, Aim, Fire With MICK QUEE From FIRING SQUAD

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