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Real Ministry Behind the Pulpit with Pastor Lee Wells

Real Ministry Behind the Pulpit with Pastor Lee Wells

Update: 2024-02-09


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**Title: Real Ministry Beyond the Pulpit with Pastor Lee Wells**

**Podcast Summary:**

In this episode of "Beyond the Mic," Mike Yates speaks with Pastor Lee Wells of Rock Landmark in Rockwall, Texas. Pastor Wells is not only a minister but also an entrepreneur with significant experience in both the corporate world and as a ranch to table restaurant owner. The discussion delves into the essence of real ministry beyond traditional pulpit preaching, emphasizing practical Christianity in everyday life.

**Key Insights:**

1. **Ministry is More Than Preaching:**
   Pastor Wells challenges the traditional notion that ministry primarily occurs within the four walls of a church or on a pulpit. He underscores that true ministry happens in everyday interactions, much like Jesus ministered through personal relationships rather than grand sermons.

2. **The Importance of Genuine Connection:**
   Emphasizing authenticity, Pastor Wells discusses how Jesus connected with people from various walks of life, not by endorsing their lifestyles, but by being genuinely present and compassionate. This connection often led to profound transformations as individuals felt seen and valued.

3. **Service in Secular Settings:**
   Pastor Wells shares personal anecdotes from his restaurant, where he engages in meaningful interactions with customers. These encounters often serve as ministry opportunities, demonstrating that one's business or workplace can be a fruitful ground for touching lives and sharing God’s love.

4. **Redefining Success in Ministry:**
   The conversation shifts towards a broader definition of ministry success, which isn't measured by the size of one’s congregation or pulpit but by the impact one has on individuals' lives through daily actions and integrity.

5. **Encouragement for Young Ministers:**
   Pastor Wells advises young ministers to focus on developing real, transparent relationships both within and outside the church. He stresses the importance of being relatable and accessible, rather than maintaining a distant or overly polished image.


This episode with Pastor Lee Wells offers profound insights into practicing ministry in everyday settings, emphasizing that every Christian is called to minister through their life, actions, and interactions with others. It’s a compelling reminder that the heart of ministry lies in genuine love and service to others, far beyond the pulpit.









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Real Ministry Behind the Pulpit with Pastor Lee Wells

Real Ministry Behind the Pulpit with Pastor Lee Wells

Mike Yates